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been down one time. been down two times.

So, I was informed yesterday that I needed an author photo for Spectra by Monday. Cue panicked email to netcurmudgeon....

...okay, not the author photo, but for everybody who wanted pics of the gitar, this is she. The face is wormy chestnut, the body is canarywood. Its artist tells me its name is "the Spotted Owl Habitat."

Pretty thing.

closeup. Look, ma, I can play C major. a guitar in a machine gun case. Yes, this is a typical smile.

On to the potantial author photos....

We went for a hike down Cotton Hollow, netcurmudgeon, evynrude and me....

Fat girl can jump!

But she sure can't dance....

A vacant stare is auctorial, right? Pity about that pithed expression, because the shot  is flattering. Or maybe I look good lobotomized.

Look, Ma! My diastema!

You think this cliff is sturdy...?

A quick costume change....

Look... er... tolerant!

How about this cliff? You think this one is sturdy?

I think this one is the winner....

I'm just too sexy for my shirt. What can I say?
Tags: narcissism, the writer at work

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