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I'm all lost in the supermarket. I can no longer shop happily.

arcaedia and casacarona and I just finished a flurry of phone calls and emails, enabling me to announce:

The three-book Norse-steampunk-noir-periapocalyptic-romantic-!New Weird-high/low-fantasy series (Not really a trilogy, as it's three stand-alone novels closely linked) collectively known as the Edda of Burdens (All the Windwracked Stars, By the Mountain Bound, and The Sea thy Mistress) will be forthcoming from Tor in hardback, most likely starting in 2008 (at a wild guess.)

Even more exciting, for me anyway, if those do okay, it'll give me a reason to write Between the Bones, and eventually A Treachery of Princes and A Confusion of Angels and A Murder of Kings. Assuming, of course, that any of these things keep their titles.

That's it, guys, my dance card is full. Assuming all goes well, I am officially booked through 2010.


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