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bear by san

December 2021



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iggy pop chairman of the bored

Home on the Strange for equal rights, equal consequences for fictional characters.



*g* I caught that one through a mailing list I'm on, actually.


Which was one reason I was impressed with the new Bond this weekend.
Indeed. Writers with guts.
Or maybe it's what men do in war.

Look to Darfur. Look to our won back yard, and what our boys have done for that matter.

Sometimes I think that while we want to change the right things, we work so hard on changing the wrong things to get there, that we never really do change any thing at all.

Or maybe it's about changing what we can change directly (like lazy writing, if we're writers) while trying to change the rest through the means available to us (voting, funding NGOs, working in education). There's no reason we have to pick one cause and ignore everything else.

I'm guessing you're mainly frustrated with the state of the world and blowing off steam rather than making a considered set of points, so I'm not here to throw down. But that particular (flawed) argument shows up a lot in discussions of feminism, and it does have the potential to do damage.
Heck, I'd be happy to see equal consequences for people like Mary Kay Liturno. :P

Welcome to life in the Riddell household. You really don't want me to go on about Oral Roberts's brother Anal.
I thought his brother was named Rectal? And doesn't he have a cousin named Penile?
That is so awesome. I would totally give Frank Miller's left nut to make this happen.
...I think I love you.

While I disagree with part of Tom's theory, he's certainly right. We don't see a lot of castrations. Or at least, I haven't. (Although there is that almost-castration of a certain character in Bujold's A Civil Campaign, but then a lot of other interesting stuff happened to that particular character as well.)
(Also, my example doesn't work, because Tom seems to be referring to TV/movie situations. But still...by and large, not nearly enough castrations proportionally. *evil grin* Or testicle cancer, at least outside of Fight Club.)
Well since a guy can get raped as well (although we don't see that on TV much) I'm assuming castration is being equated with pregnancy? Hmmm, interesting thought ;>
The author of Home On The Strange, theferrett, comes to Penguicon. Perhaps you'd like to do a panel discussion on a topic like this with him?
I'm game to try.
The cherry image. Yes.
The third castration strip was even better, though the buildup was longer (and as a long time roleplayer, hillarious.) (the second was just a threat with scissors to a man who vomited in the female lead's sink.)

It actually starts with this strip

but this is the money shot

And Seth doesn't get less creepy with time by the way.
I gotta say, the words "the third castration strip" really brings out a theme in HotS that I hadn't wanted to consider overmuch.
Wow. I'm late to the game. Got here form a link on Sclazi's site. This is getting me thinking hard about the female characters I'm writing. Thank god.