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bear by san

March 2017



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ascii frog by Jean Seok

Folks, please welcome jimvanpelt and deliasherman to livejournal. They're both fine writers and people, and I hope you'll all get along.

Also, Jim's asking a smart question here.

I started reading a galley of Un Lun Dun today. I like it a heck of a lot better, so far, than everything else by China I've ever read. It has momentum and characters I care about, and so far, not much pus. And it's just as well-written as The Scar. So w007.


I loved Un Lun Dun.</i> I want my kid to read it first chance she gets. :-)
Hee. I was reading it on the ski machine, and annoyed when I had to pay attention to my workout....
Just as well-written as The Scar? That's high praise. Gotta have that book now...
Cool...I'll have to give it a try when it comes out because he was the one who led me to the realization that my threshold for reading about bodily fluids other than blood is apparently pretty darn low (I also have a threshold for reading about blood--it's just higher)
I read an uncorrected proof of Un Lun Dun a few months back and was blown away. I agree about being as well-written as The Scar. And I love how Mieville keeps his keen engagement with the genre without going overboard on baroque language or letting his politics saturate things into polemic-land.

I hope you enjoy the rest. I particularly enjoyed the binja.
I'm really looking forward to Un Lun Dun. Because The Scar is still one of my all-time favorite books.
I'm keen on giving Un Lun Dun a shot, for pretty much the reasons you name. I hope the ending doesn't disappoint me the way The Scar did, though.
I just read a review copy of Un Lun Dun and it's marvelous - the thing I noticed most is that it seems like he made a cnoncious effort to keep the language simple and this really helps the narrative. As much as I loved the Scar, this book is far... cleaner in its prose and hence a lot easier to enjoy. I'm intrigued to see if he'll keep the style when he writes his next non-YA book.