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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Right. Coffee break's over. Back on your heads.

"Daddy" Warbucks is now the richest fictional character; Santa Claus, Lex Luthor off the list.

Bruce Wayne and Willy Wonka are holding on, though, and Tony Stark is new on the list for this year....

This year's list.

Last year's list.

The protagonist for Dust showed up today. Unfortunately, she appears to be a Poor Servant Girl Fated For Quests And Eventual Great Things. However, I promise she will neither grow up beautiful, nor marry a handsome prince.

Also, apparently I have been on vacation too long, as I think the reason I was cranky and restless last night and this evening was due to lack of enough things clamoring for my attention.

Maybe I'll revise "Chatoyant" on Friday, then.


Just as long as she doesn't become instantly both beautiful and attractive when she takes off her glasses.
I am the anti-cliche. I get cuter when I put my glasses on.
Writing as skeet shooting. Throw up the clay Servant Girl, blast the living hell out of her.

I love doing that.
That's the one.

I'm still waiting for the Magickal First Sentence.

Yes, but...

Did you see that Santa Claus is off the list because he's "real"?
I am unimpressed by the makers of this list. They lose big points for referring to "Mr. Monopoly" when everyone knows his given name is actually (Rich) Uncle Pennybags.

Bad research. Hrumph!
Me, I don't believe Lex Luthor would bankrupt himself, so I'm all hrnfy about the list myself. :)
I think they only count officially-reported income. Lex's sources of cash these days, since turning fugitive again...are somewhat difficult to track.

I'm wondering how Tony Stark's status will be affected by the UN Security Council-affiliated job's he's been rumoured to be considering offers about.