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picking up the pieces of my sweet shattered dream

Woke up this morning with a stiff neck because the cat had co-opted the pillow. She's quite sneaky. And it doesn't matter that there are four pillows on the bed: whichever one I am using is the good one, you see.

As soon as I sat up, I started sneezing, which is a grand thing. It gives me an excuse to stay home from the gym today, you see, which is nice because I did squats and leg presses on Wednesday, and my butt hurts. (TMI.) (There's this one guy at my gym who is probably about 5'6" and wiry-thin, who squats 465. Makes me feel like a sissy with my 110.

It's also nice because that gives me another two hours, with travel time, to work on the CEM and the essay I should be handing in this weekend, and I'm actually kind of looking forward to getting back to work. And it's a beautiful morning out there. Maybe I'll go for a walk after I get through another hundred pages of this, and then come home and write that essay.

I get an extremely light line-and-copyedit from Spectra, which is nice because the readthrough goes quickly. (I choose to interpret this as evidence that I submit fairly clean manuscripts, not that I'm so hopeless they just don't bother. *g*)

I generally don't make much in the way of changes on my CEM or galleys unless I find A Problem. I know a lot of other writers make extensive alterations, but frankly, once I'm at the copyedit stage, I've already been over the damned book between six and eleventy-one times, and if I never see it again it's probably too soon. I dunno how you kids stand it. Do you do fewer drafts before you send it off to the editor, or are you just more meticulous than I am?

Roc gives me a heavier line-and-copyedit, which means more things to check--some to stet, some to accept. Like editors, copyeditors have personalities,and then there's house style to consider. I have four years of journalism experience, which probably makes me more likely to shrug and say "whatever," when the blue pencil descends upon my polished prose. Because once you've written to AP style, anything else seems like a tremendous pleasure of self-indulgence.

If you're looking for insight into the copyediting process, by the way, I recommend deannahoak's blog and livejournal.

I'd really like to hear a speed punk version of "Carefree Highway," you know what?

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