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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


My bathroom scale has suddenly started delivering its readings in stone.

Is it planning a move to the U.K?



It just ran outta pounds -- throw a few quid at it and see wot happens.


Re: Maybe...

*snicker* Good one.
When I read that, I first thought the scale had started to speak in hieroglyphs.
It hands you engraved tablets, does it? *g*

Sorry. Couldn't resist the typo.

I always have to translate weights of human beings into stones before I can get a mental picture. Pounds make no sense to me.
Not a typo. In American English, on the rare occasion when we use them, they're singular. "Fifteen stone."
I think it's the same here: 'I weighed 10 stone this morning.' e.g.

If I had said "starting giving weights in stones" I would mean it was spitting out pebbles....
on the rare occasion when we use them, they're singular. "Fifteen stone."

Interesting... That's exactly how it's done in the dialect of the North West of England. (My native dialect.) But even so, we would say that the scale weighed things in "stones".

English, she is so illogical!

lots of planets have a north

...I love our language. *g* A case study in diversity, flexibility, and assimilation, really.

Re: lots of planets have a north

And mugging (other languages) ;)

You know, given that Chinese is so different, in alphabetical and linguistic terms, it makes more and more sense to me that the Serenity world boils down the diversity of Earth's language to two languages--English and Chinese, and with plenty of sprinklings on either side.
It's the same down here in the South West. I might weigh 12 stone something and measure 5 foot something, but the tape is marked in feet and the scale in stones. :-)
Aeris finally managed to sit on the scale the right way (we don't have a digital, so the readings are not set in "stone" lol) 10 lbs.

The 1980 mocie THE FOG is on now! Yay! John Carpener's, wasn't it? Let's see... Yup. They finally flashed the name.
When we weigh my (very active, ~20lb) dogs, we do it buy having a human step on the scale, noting the weight, handing the human a dog, noting the combined weight, and subtracting the first number from the second.

Like tare-ing your container out at the bulk bins at Whole Foods, only our scale's tare mechanism is clumsy and hard to use. :->
LOL. I told my daughter that early on, when she wanted to weight the cat, but you know how offspring are, sometimes. XP But I still found it amusing, sicne Aeris sits on the scale independently, to arrange it so that I could read the weight wen she sat on the scale to tease us. She has a habit of doing that, because Terror always rushes to read the scale, but the cat jumps off it when she draws near.
That's one way of weighing a cat or dog. However, for small animals, we have found that a great way is to use fishing scales with a strong shopping bag hung from them. All our cats like to sit in shopping bags, even moving ones... of course, kittens are weighed on kitchen scales.
Ah, we only have the one scale, alas, because I like the fishing scale idea. ^_^

Someone programmed an electronic scale with stones?


I expect they export the same model to the UK and just flip a switch somewhere.

Mine seems to have got flipped spontaneously.

Still accurate, though....
I found there was a physical switch on the bottom of mine - kilos/lb/something-I-understand. I can't work in pounds at all. I measure in stone then pounds, then ounces. Right down to scruples.
You know, I think if I calculated my weight in scruples, I might enjoy the whole business a great deal more.

If you're really interested...

I used this site to work out my weight.

Re: If you're really interested...

Hee. Actually, I just figured that a scruple is a 24th of an ounce, making it a 288th of a pound. So I can conclude easily enough that I weight something over 60,000 scruples.

I think I'll tell my doctor that, when I see her next.

Re: If you're really interested...

Thanks for that site! I rather enjoyed seeing my weight in carats. heh.

Re: If you're really interested...

It converts to Troy ounces! Have you ever heard the story about how the Manhattan Project had to borrow silver from the U.S. Treasury?

In the summer of 1942 the preliminary plans for the electromagnetic plant had called for five thousand tons of copper. However, copper was in short supply due to other war related needs and strikes in the industry. Silver was suggested as a substitute, because it has the highest electric conductivity of any other natural substance.

"On August 3, 1942, Colonel Nichols visited Undersecretary of the Treasury Daniel W. Bell with a request for a large amount of silver. When Bell asked how much he needed, Nichols replied 'six thousand tons', to which the secretary replied rather indignantly, 'Young man, you may think of silver in tons, but the Treasury will always think of silver in troy ounces.'"

Which works out to, let's see.... 175,000,000 Troy ounces.

Eventually, 14,700 tons of silver (much in the form of silver dollars), worth 400 million dollars at the time, was loaned to the Project [...] "When it came time to return the silver to the Treasury after the war, every ounce was scavenged. In the final accounting, of the 14,700 tons borrowed, only a minuscule fraction of 1 percent was missing."

Re: If you're really interested...

A miniscule fraction of a wagonload can come out at a lot. To rephrase that, 1% of 14,700 is 147 tons. So a small percentage of that could still be over a ton of silver. Not that I expect it was, but still, a kitten can dream!

Re: If you're really interested...

Yeah, I think they meant it to read "a miniscule fraction of a percent was missing," as in .001%. But that still quite a few troy ounces...

Oh I like the layout :) Rather Authorial Construct.

Also, icon loff!