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This morning, announcements and reminders, before we get on to the work.

First off today is Carnival day! Of course, it's on the shelves already, but Amazon will ship it to you now. And may I say, it makes a lovely if nihilistic holiday gift. But then, what's not nihilistic about consumer culture?

(I was at Barnes & Ignoble yesterday, and they had a great big stack of them on the new releases shelf. It does a bitty author's heart good, it does.)

In other news, I've joined the cast and crew at, and will be doing a monthly column for them. (On the seventh of the month.)

And in other other news, I'll be doing an author chat on December 4th at The Lost and the Damned.

And now I need to eat something and go work on "Lumiere." Thankfully, it's not a gym day, which opens out my schedule some. Considering how hard I worked out yesterday, actually, I'm not sore at all. Although I think, like dancinghorse's stud horse, I may be sucking my neck into my spinal column this week.

It feels kind of odd. I don't recommend it.

I suspect it has something to do with the cat stealing my pillows, actually.

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