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what I do when I'm supposed to be writing, part six thousand

[12:14] tanaise: I liked this song better before I realized it's Jon Lovitz singing with Robbie Williams.
[12:24] matociquala: I'm discovering that I really like Das Ich
[12:25] matociquala: stillsostrange will be so proud
[12:50] tanaise: hee.  I told netflix I wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner and it suggested I might like this movie.
[12:51] matociquala: well, seems logical.
[12:52] tanaise: yes, I'm sure my small children will enjoy that. :)
[12:53] *** atheilen has joined the chat.
[12:53] atheilen: hi
[12:53] jmeadows: hi Sarah
[12:54] atheilen: 'jodi!
[12:55] matociquala: Hi Sarah
[12:55] matociquala: The slash fans have googlebombed the system. *g*
[12:55] atheilen: which slash fans?
[12:55] atheilen: what system?
[12:56] jmeadows: THE system
[12:56] tanaise: the Patriarchy.
[12:57] matociquala: Yanno, if the slash fans could in fact googlebomb the Patriarchy...
[12:57] matociquala: ...that would be really cool.
[12:59] atheilen: how would one go about googlebombing the patriarchy?
[12:59] atheilen: cause i want to! :D
[13:00] matociquala: Apparently, by renting Harry Potter movies and off-color comedy movies simultaneously
[13:01] atheilen: funny
[13:02] atheilen: i have done that
[13:03] matociquala: See, you're part of the problem!
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