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bear by san

December 2021



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can't sleep books will eat me

we're never going to survive unless we go a little crazy

You know, it's my own damned fault, but I have somehow painted myself into a corner where I am writing a scene in which the vampire meanders angstfully down the predawn streets of early-19th-century Paris while being taunted by ghostly wolves.

Honest. It's better than it sounds. I fervently hope.

Meanwhile, on a brief break from the trite vampiric predawn streets of Paris, I have discovered two things. One, desperance writes like a bloody-minded angel. And two, from Publisher's Lunch, I think....

Campbell-Award winning author of CARNIVAL Elizabeth Bear’s ALL THE WINDWRACKED STARS, BY THE MOUNTAIN BOUND, and THE SEA THY MISTRESS, a Norse-influenced post-apocalyptic steampunk noir fantasy series, to Beth Meacham at Tor, in a very nice deal*, by Jennifer Jackson at the Donald Maass Literary Agency (World).

So it's official. And stuf.

*And no, that code word doesn't mean I'm getting the next round, but it does mean you can tell me to shut up now....



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*happy dance*
Doode! Good on you.

Hey, it's not like GETTING MARRIED TO THE CUTEST GIRL IN THE CLASS, but it'll do....
Funny bastard, isn't he?

Oh, and I just sold a short story. Man, I am having a good month.

Woo! Congrats! Looking forward to seeing them on the shelves eventually!
Your agent clearly kicks much ass, as if we didn't already know. :>
Because pigeon poop on the velvet just isn't gothy.

::est mortte::

(But I think they had dustmen by then. Certainly there was nasty stuff in the gutters, but none of it aerially delivered.)

(Oh ew. Now I'm thinking about zeppelins and their potties.)
Aww, shut up! :D You're so buying me coffee at the next con.
Yes ma'am.
Hey, the mail came.

It's gorgeous. I'm going to wear it to bed.

Carnival Sighting

Your book is not only in the local Borders, but has a spot on the "New Releases in Paperback" Table.. Great cover, btw..

Re: Carnival Sighting


It's my favorite cover of all....


"Shut uuup!" (said in best teenage girl voice)

Such fabulous news! I'm glad it's all official and that you sold a short too. This is so your year.

Re: woot!

Thank you.

Congratulations! It's always great to hear when talented, awesome people enjoy success. :)

Congrats! The first single-malt is on me when we meet again!
Awesome! Don't spend it all in one place (unless it's a reaaaaaally good place)!

Also, looooved Carnival. Bought it Saturday night, finished it Sunday afternoon (had to sleep *sometime*). Will now proceed to pimp it ferociously to the few friends who have not already friended your LJ and acquired their copies. :D
Oh, good. It worked?

I need to do a spoilery-convo-about-carnival-here thread, don't I?
Eeeee! Yay! Go you!!
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