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alas, he was the highwayman--

Wednesday morning youtube break:

We got both kinds of music here.

The bastards hung me in the spring of '25. Such a great creepy old song.

See, it ain't all dead dogs and rusty pickup trucks. There ain't nothing wrong with good country music. And it just goes to prove you can tackle SF and fantasy tropes in any medium.

Although apparently the thing about the bodies entombed in Hoover Dam is untrue. *g* The concrete was poured in tiers, and they're not that deep, and a body would have left a flaw in the concrete. (But art is more important than realism.)

However, at least according to the dam's hard hat tour, the story that workers would carry dying men from the Nevada to the Arizona side is true.

Arizona had a better death benefit.

And, for bonus points, something loosely related.  One of those songs that always makes me feel better.

(Would you believe that a used copy of Jefferson Starship's Nuclear Furniture goes for $30? Man. Highly out of print, I guess. I think I'll just dig out my casette and see if it still plays.)

Well, coffee's on. Guess I should head back to Paris now.

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