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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Books. I hate those guys.

Well, I'm well and truly stuck. Stuck in that annoying fashion where you know more or less what happens, but you're having a Hell of a time getting the story to move forward on the page. So I'm generating copious amounts of outline.

Part of the challenge is that I have these smaller, episodic arcs that tie into one larger arc, and about enough conflicts for about five novels, and--Hell. It's just a big, big book. And my head is going to have to grow about two or three sizes to fit around it.

I did get almost 600 words of outline notes and so forth written today. I currently have 173 continguous manuscript pages and an additional 16 pages of scene-and-outline on top of that, and I'm wondering if in large part I'm not stuck with a novel that wishes to be written out of order.

And I'm about to go take another crack at the second half of Act II, Scene iv. Which needs its little nose rubbed in its mess.... I have about 40K of book, in other words, and I've been working on it just a little under a month. So really, I need to get off my own back. Especially considering the amount of research this has taken.

Although I may have just figured out what I needed to get to get my teeth into this scene, after two days of thrashing. Sometimes whining at the Muse works, after all.


Just wished to say that your book sounds intriguing, and so is your writing process.

I look forward to pulling it off the bookshelf to buy, and thinking back to its progress before becoming a finished book.

Nothing worse--

--than the dirty, nasty, smelly inside of a writer's head, is there?

I think of it as sort of like turning over rocks to find the worms to bait the hooks to catch the fish....

...and getting a big-ass squid *g*



My diagnosis: the author is right and needs to get off her own back. You've been doing a capital job with a story that's not half as thought out as the others you've done. So be a little less hard on yourself!

You're so organized compared to me. I wrote Lex with clear ideas on what I wanted to do, and no outlines. It's mainly just research laziness, and partly the inability to get what I wanted at the local library. I know that I can't continue to write books like this but at the moment, I'm amazed she's done and I never wrote a plot outline, or a notecard or anything.

Believe me, I'm never making that mistake again ::grin::

Re: Rhonda

*g* Well, I never outlined All the Windwracked Stars. But that was the last one that fit comfortably in my head all at once.

It is very helpful with a more complicated novel to get an idea of what goes where, and when, and why. But since none of the books I have written have ever consented to be written in the same way--

--I think it's good to master as many of the techniques as possible, Even when they suck, because you never know when you might need to know how to do X or Y.