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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Oh, also?

Not only was I walking around outside in a t-shirt today, but the red rose bush outside my apartment is in full bloom. Not a-couple-of-frostbitten-last-gasp-flowers.

Full bloom.



We in Seattle are covered in snow and ice. I make rude gestures in your general direction.
It's sunny and "warm" here at -21 (it was -27 yesterday), but it's supposed to go back down to -38 on the weekend. And you have roses?

Life is not fair.
We're supposed to have had several hard frosts and at least one snow by now.
Our first major snowfall hit the weekend before Halloween, and barring a sudden change in the global warming trend, will hang in till April.
Yes, but you live in Edmonton, sweetie. ;-)
Sleeting/freezing rain here in Kansas. Though we had a high of 70 yesterday.
Heh. Go see what *I* just posted...
I was just reading that!
I'm sorry, there was a delivery error and you received the weather meant for Tucson. Tucson in return got 40 degrees, 40mph wind, and hard freeze overnight.

The error will be rectified within a few days. Please be patient while we reroute our servers.
*plays "Girl from Ipanema."*

*the Jethro Tull version*

By the way, Pooka sent me his short neck this week.
On the bright side, if he sent you the rest, you are now absolutely gorgeous.
Alas. Would that it were.
At work today, I rescued not one but four ladybug larvae that decided to encamp on outdoor break area chairs, and I have a distinct feeling that they aren't going to survive the storm front that's coming through in about a half-hour. I shouldn't even be seeing adult ladybugs for at least another three months, and they're flying all over the building. Naw, you're right: global warming is a myth...
poor bugs. :-(
My prediction is it will turn nasty on Friday and stay that way until late March. My bulbs are destined for spectacular freezing death, as they currently think it's May.
that is a distinct possibility.

it's been wet and grey, mind. just warm.

Zone 5 by the river...

Yes, same here. And everyone is coming down with colds. High 60's after Thanksgiving are worrysome at best. I had a friend advise me to start pouring ice over my flowerbeds now, so the coldness is adjusted to before the big hit. But I don't have the money or time for that. I'll hold out hope that the bulbs will survive it all.
I'm glad I've been lazy and haven't planted mine yet. (Last house, I planted in early January, and everything but the snowdrops popped up on time.)
Whereas here, in the early heat of summer, it is raining and snow is forecast.

Global warming is fake o rly?
Plant a palm tree!
dandelions and fuzzy buds on the pear trees here, in NC.. No need to move to florida when you get old, it's coming here...And Wilmington NC, our only real seaport (look at a map) is the first east coast city to be officially tsunami ready.

Canary island volcanoes were mentioned...

It is nice to be at 800 ft and 300 miles from the coast.. If the tornadoes dont get us..
I think I'll buy some future beachfront property on Avon Mountain.
And in San Diego, temperatures are set to dip below freezing tonight.

Wheee! Climate change is FUN!*

*except not
My rosebushes are blooming too.

worrisome, ain't it?
I am in San Francisco, and it never freezes here. We had a frost warning last night, and possibly tonight as well, although if so I just don't want to know.

And here in Stockholm, we had a brief blizzard at the opening of November, and are now back at +8-10°C (that'd be, um, 45-50°F or so). And we're at almost 60°N! (59°23'24"N to be precise-ish.)
...and I, on the other side of the world from you, went to the opera last night in my shirtsleeves. And more significantly walked home after in the same condition. That's not far short of midnight, in this chilly northern city, on November 29th. In my shirtsleeves.
Yep. I got up this morning and heard that most of the western US is iced... and I walked out to sixty-eight degrees at 7AM.

Sometimes the lord IS in his heaven and all IS right with the world. Take THAT, Texas!