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Outside the rain and your heart skips a beat.

I might need an intervention.

I found the Stevie Nicks. And I'm earwormed.

And I now have a theory. I suspect that it's her fault that paranormal romance and the smutty subcategory of urban fantasy sell so well among women in my age group. I think we all collectively imprinted on Bella Donna (and Labyrinth, and Beauty and the Beast) as preteens.

To the heterosexual males of my generation: on behalf of my sex, I apologize for any unrealistic expectations we've all generated from early exposure to Ron Perlman in tights.

Mmm. Ron Perlman in tights.

...I'm sorry. Where were we?

Creature of the night
It's been almost a week.
Could you love me only?

Tags: cultural necropsy

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