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December 2021



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just some spam before I go--

Blender discusses the 50 worst rock and pop bands in history, with a good deal of snark. While I don't entirely agree with their choices (A list like this without Hootie and the Blowfish seems like a failure in judgement) the snark is exceedingly funny.


The sound of eunuchs sobbing

Disproving the theory that lightning never strikes twice in the same place, Air Supply contained not one but two mewling, lovesick softies whose name was Russell. In the early ’80s, the Australian duo’s gutless ballads — music so remorselessly fey it made Journey sound like Danzig — sent a generation of jilted lovers toppling into depression that was as clinical as the Russells’ music. Mercifully, though, by the end of the decade, the pair had cried themselves to sleep.

Appalling fact: Determined to ruin the festive season, Air Supply once recorded a Christmas album.
Worst CD: The Christmas Album (Arista, 1987)




Worst, maybe?

Re: Words?

Yes. you've noticed that I can't type. That makes you one of the lucky 27,000.
Emerson Lake & Palmer? Feh. I offer someone's YouTube tribute
(important note: this video was apparently created with no actual irony)

...course, I don't mind Hootie either. Anybody who records the Mailbag song for Tony Kornheiser's old radio show can't be all bad.
I have the Christmas album! A friend bought it and I copied it from him, because I needed to hear just how bad it is. (Sadly, I think he bought it bc he likes air supply).

If anyone wants me to upload some tracks, lemme know.

While I don't entirely agree with their choices (A list like this without Hootie and the Blowfish seems like a failure in judgement)

. . . and I like "Iris" and "Dust in the Wind." And the Doors.

The sound of eunuchs sobbing


There's almost a koan in there . . .

Air Supply is one of my guilty pleasures. Really. I can't even say why, but I sorta *like* the whiny voices and the mewling.

*slinks away*
ELP? The Doors???? Are these people on drugs?

(Well, yes, of course, but that doesn't excuse them.)

And ragging on Kenny G, Creed, and Yanni is just shooting halibut steaks in the frozen food case.
nine years later, I regret not applauding this comment more.
Bear, what on earth are you doing, reviewing LJ threads that are old enough to be in third grade?

Go write a novel or something!
I used a tag, and went back to see what else I had used it for. :)
I *like* the Alan Parsons Project.

Shows what I know ;)
I dunno, I kinda like Air Supply...

(ducks and runs)

Blender can kiss my chubby progger ass.
Hm. Blender. From the people who brought you Maxim...
Artless art-rock
Oingo Boingo singer Danny Elfman went on to become one of Hollywood’s most in-demand soundtrack composers. But during his first go-round, he and his movie-director brother led this ostentatiously orchestrated L.A. New Wave group that began its pretentious career, not surprisingly, as a performance-art troupe.
Worst CD Only a Lad (A&M, 1981)

Despite all else, the writers of this article are absolutely right that Insane Clown Posse is the worst band in the history of popular music. I can forgive much about people who realize that crucial fact.