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just some spam before I go--

Blender discusses the 50 worst rock and pop bands in history, with a good deal of snark. While I don't entirely agree with their choices (A list like this without Hootie and the Blowfish seems like a failure in judgement) the snark is exceedingly funny.


The sound of eunuchs sobbing

Disproving the theory that lightning never strikes twice in the same place, Air Supply contained not one but two mewling, lovesick softies whose name was Russell. In the early ’80s, the Australian duo’s gutless ballads — music so remorselessly fey it made Journey sound like Danzig — sent a generation of jilted lovers toppling into depression that was as clinical as the Russells’ music. Mercifully, though, by the end of the decade, the pair had cried themselves to sleep.

Appalling fact: Determined to ruin the festive season, Air Supply once recorded a Christmas album.
Worst CD: The Christmas Album (Arista, 1987)

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