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Bear, don't you have enough music?

So, there's a new Barenaked Ladies album. (Available on USB drive!) And a new Tom Waits box set. (And how magical is it that somehow, over the last twenty years, the entire world has discovered both Tom Waits and the Barenaked Ladies? Why, ladegard, it seems like only yesterday that we were huddled in netcurmudgeon's parent's basement, trying to remember not to lean back on the hot wood stove, peeling the sticky strips off CDs with our teeth and crying "OMG!" (except we said the whole phrase, back in those primitive pretexting days) "You guys gotta listen to this!")

Because I haven't spent enough money on music so far this year. *g* And I can actually listen to everything I have in... a month and a half. If I don't sleep or leave the apartment, or repeat anything.

...well, maybe I can hold out until after Christmas.

Tags: crass materialism

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