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it makes no difference at all, for I wear boots all summer long.

Winter's finally here. I'm off as soon as I shower to go do some more shed-roofing with netcurmudgeon, and then we're trundling down to evynrude's place for guitar practice.

Tomorrow, we are warned of snow. I will be in the big chair, with the laptop, trying to get as much of "Lumiere" done as I possibly can. Which means I will likely be ignoring IMs and emails. It's not you. It's the b*&k.

I just mailed a bunch of contracts back to Chris Roberson and Allison Baker: it looks like I'll be doing a chapbook-sized novella for Monkeybrain Books, for 2008 publication. I even have a title and a protagonist: the thing in my head is called "Bone and Jewel Creatures." And it's talking to me like mad. Like *mad!*

Of course, since the current priority list is something like:

Dust proposal
All the Windwracked Stars revision
Dust manuscript
"Bone and Jewel Creatures"'s gonna have to take a number.

I really need to not accept any more projects for the next eighteen months.

Right! Shower, than re-roof. Don't mess with me, man, I have a framing hammer.

(oops, forgot to mention. I got to do a guest-continuity for Green Man Review this week!)
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