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if I'm a monster I am a willing one.

Paul Di Filippo at reviews Carnival, mostly very favorably, some fairly serious spoilers. I think his criticisms are really rather fair, overall (especially the bit about shorting the bacchanal), although I take exception to the word "Utopia."

*g* "Dystopia" isn't quite right either. More a rational exploration of the various ways in which an over-reliance on ideology at the expense of personal freedom can lead to fucked-uppedness.

Let's just say that I wouldn't want to live in either of these societies.

It's not noir, though (not that Paul says it is: I'm just riffing, because I am the most interesting topic I know) or at least I don't think of it as noir. It's not nearly atmospheric enough to be noir--this is linked to the lack of setting problem.

ETA: And an old review I just found for the Jenny books, Christian Sauve mostly worrying about whether I'm going to find the review or not.

...there's some shallow sort of irony there, I guess. Curse you, Google Alerts!

Still, it sounds like he mostly liked it, except for the bad French (TM). Yeah, I've learned my lesson there. No more Franglish for me.

And what he saw as the wandery bits in Hartford.

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