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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

we'll be waiting for the night to come

My big announcement of the day, as long as I'm spamming livejournal, is that I got a lovely email today asking if I was by any chance available to pinch hit for Jim Kelly, a habitual instructor at Viable Paradise, who will not be able to make it for 2007. Viable Paradise, if you didn't know, is a week-long workshop for speculative fiction novel writers seeking to improve their skills.

My reaction was something like: Let me get this straight.

You want me to go to Martha's Vinyard in October for a week and hang around with writers?

...twist my arm.

So, um. I'll be one of the instructors at VP this year. Along with a bunch of cooler people.



Huzzah! VP was a fantastic experience for me, and the instructors looked like they were having just as much fun as the students. Possibly even more so *g*.
Congrats on the teaching gig! I think you'll enjoy VP a lot.

This past year, the instructors allegedly posed for individual photos wearing Cory Doctorow's glasses. (The photos haven't surfaced. Yet.) I nominate 2007 as the year of Bear's hat.

Were you assigned JPK's previous lecture topic, 10 Stupid Plot Tricks, or are the lectures still to be negotiated?
I have no been assigned a lecture topic yet.*g*
I can neither confirm nor deny the existance of photographs of Instructors wearing Cory Doctorow's glasses.

Welcome aboard, though
Well shit. That pretty much seals it. If I don't wind up in the UK this summer, I'm applying to VP.
the horror!
You...writers, with your blogs and your helpful advice and your workshops. One would think you'd settle for writing books, but nooo. How am I supposed to feel properly isolated and misunderstood with all this encouragement? God!
This is seriously cool. Congratulations and enjoy!
How neat! Congratulations. (And can I just mention that once I find a great workshop literally 20 minutes by ferry from my old home town, I've moved clear across the country and must sit here pining while all you happy workshoppers gallivant off to improve your craft? Bollocks.)
Oh, it's always a good excuse to come back to new england!
Couldn't happen to a cooler Bear! (Have you got your ice-floe picked out yet?)
Oh my GOD. That's so awesome. Congratulations!

Now I want to apply to attend again.
Congrats! You'll be terrific, and it really is pretty wonderful. And there are blackmail pictures all over flickr, to prove it.
Once they're on flickr, is it much use for blackmail anymore.
details, details.
That sounds blooming marvellous :D
Hey, congrats!
thank you!
Um, should we worry about reports next October of elderly pickup trucks being driven around the Vineyard with workshoppers playing Thing in the bed?
*g* Nah, the car ferry costs wayyyy too much.
Oh, congrats! VP is just about as much fun as you can cram into one inn in a week.

...with your clothes on.


Yanno, I never thought I'd regret getting into VPIX. But then this year they ahd the ten-year reunion when I couldn't possibly make it, and now...

That's awesome!