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anybody else looking for a room-mate for Boskone?

because I am. *g*

Tally for this morning:

floors swept: 0
showers taken: 1
episodes of Torchwood watched while doing the morning email check: 1 (I know it's not actually the worst thing on TV, but if it has a redeeming characteristic other than pretty actors, I have yet to discover what that might be. Also I kind of adore how teh intarwebz are making it possible to watch the same bad television as friends in Korea, the UK, or Israel. World culture, baby. It's a reality. And we spend it on... John Barrowman in tight pants and trenchcoats)
cats fed: 1
hours overslept: 1.45 (has something to do with not getting to bed until two AM, admittedly)
pots of coffee made and consumed: 0 (soon to be remedied)
words written: 0 (also soon to be remedied, right after I correct this next item...)
yummy breakfasts eaten: 0

Avenue Jew:


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