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It is exactly the wrong temperature in my apartment.

So, yeah, not such a productive morning. I've also now read Locus, taken off my old chipped toenail polish, filed down my guitar calluses and glued together a crack in one and moisturized them so they might stop snagging and cracking, taken my supplements (flax oil, borage oil, b vitamins, multivitamin with minerals, vitamin e), trimmed my nails, put peppermint foot lotion and fuzzy socks on my feet, put on a sweatshirt, taken it off because it was too warm, gotten cold, put on a different sweatshirt, taken it off because it was too warm, gotten cold, put on a light sweater that leaves me feeling just a little on the cool side, stared out the window, changed the music, weighed myself, been pestered repeatedly by the cat because I think all her toys are under the dresser again, sat crosslegged staring at the laptop so long my feet fell asleep, and not done the laundry or swept the floor. *g*

On the other hand, I've never had calluses that required maintenance before. I must be doing something right. And it's getting easier to trim my toenails, so I suspect project less-of-me is having some effect. Also, I dropped the assist on the pullup machine at the gym yesterday to 100 pounds, and still managed two sets of ten pull-ups. I am quite pleased with myself.

So I think I will sweep the floor and find the cat toys, and maybe eat some lunch, and then I really have to get my four-six pages done.

I even know what happens. My brain just won't lean into the traces and pull.


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