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I've got a blues band in the back and a beautician at the wheel.

[16:23] matociquala: Franklin was right. Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
[16:23] retrobabble: What if one doesn't drink beer?
[16:23] matociquala: then wine is. *g*
[16:23] [redacted]: indeed
[16:23] leahbobet: Or lagavulin.
[16:24] retrobabble: ahh. Phew.
[16:24] leahbobet: Where god wants us to be happy and have clear sinuses.
[16:24] matociquala: lagavulin is proof the devil wants our trade. *vbg*
[16:24] retrobabble: lol
[16:24] leahbobet: heeeeeeee
[16:24] leahbobet: No, that is the small cask bourbon.  *g*

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