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your tongue is like poison

So, my first essay is up at Eee. Writing my bios, I gotta say, is starting to feel like an act of self-aggrandizement. I need to find something clever and brief, like Peter David's "writer of stuff."

Nalo, who is a genius, has a list of things she finds can signal a story going off track.

Me, I'm staring at "Lumiere" and wishing I didn't have places to be tonight. Had to go to the post office this morning, which killed an hour....

(I just asked leahbobet if avgolemono with a side of bahn cuoc was fusion cuisine or a refusal to commit. She responded, "ecumenical." Funny woman.)

Oh, and there's a review of YBFH up at Tangent, which includes some kind words about "Follow Me Light." And, through the mystery of time travel, a rather positive review of "Love Among The Talus" in this month's Locus, courtesy of Rich Horton, even though the story won't be up at Strange Horizons until Monday, as I just sent another round of edits back to Jed. (We were having a passage of pens, which is like a passage of arms, but less bloody. And if Kit were doing it, would be dirty in that underhanded Elizabethan sort of way, only in this case, I don't mean it that way.)

Right, back to Paris. More tea.

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