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and if it hurts there's bullets left to bite on.

So, I doubled my word quota by 1:30, decided I had time to walk down to the grocery story instead of driving (exercise and shopping in one, yay!) hiked down in the cold, hiked back in the less cold, and started organizing the spice cupboards because I realized that having more cabinets for spices than I did for food was probably silly.

The fact that I say "spice cabinets" and I have a galley kitchen should alert you to the magnitude of the problem.

So anyway, two hours later I now have one bottle of oregano, not three, and I have discovered that I must be a writer. Because the sheer amount of carbohydrates I have squirrelled away against need would probably carry me over the winter, although I might get very sick of plain whole wheat angelhair and basmati rice by then.

On the other hand, at least I could put oregano on it.

Man, my shoulders hurt now.

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