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More on why I don't write alternate history--

...because even the language changes. And for me, rapidly becomes insupportable.

Case in point: if I were actually being rigorous about this stuff, Abby Irene could in no wise refer to a galvanized nail.

Since I'm writing fantasy, though, I get to keep him. *g* Which I guess means I can keep Tesla too.

Mmm. Death ray.

(Page 43. I just have to get our heroes through this scene, and they can find the plot. Or, more precisely, get press-ganged by the plot, which is not the plot they intended to have.

A funny thing happened on the way to the revolution....)

I figured out yesterday that one of the reasons I'm being so avoidant about this story is that when it's finished, I have to start writing another novel.

And I really don't feel like writing a novel just now.

On the other hand, once I get the proposal done, I can take a badly-needed break for a while and let it stew and deepen.

Memo to me: fallow time? Important.

ETA: comments on Hammered and Carnival.

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