it's a great life, if you don't weaken (matociquala) wrote,
it's a great life, if you don't weaken

Did it ever strike you that "Apollo" is a deeply ironical name for a moon landing project?

Look! very cool counting bracelets for knitters.

*g* So I have old TV programs on in the background while I'm trying to write....

[15:36] matociquala: Kelly: "Look, you got frostbite, you got a lot of bloodloss, you got
 no brains at all--"
[15:37] matociquala: Scotty: "Well, at least I got my health."
[15:37] katallen: heee
[15:37] matociquala: Oo, Robert Culp is taking his shirt off.
[15:38] katallen: o.o
[15:40] matociquala: He's not wearing anything but a shoulder holster underneath it. *g* Somebody hold me
[15:40] matociquala: Can I have one of those to take home?
[15:41] katallen: ::fans::
[15:41] matociquala: heee
[15:41] matociquala: he has freckles on his shoulders.
[15:41] katallen: (they really should do take-out)
[15:41] matociquala: oh yeah
[15:41] matociquala: vending machines
[15:42] matociquala: Illya looks better climbing scaffolding though
[15:42] katallen: he has a talent for it
[15:42] matociquala: Mm.
[15:43] matociquala: And a stunt double with an even nicer body than David had.
[15:43] matociquala: Which was saying something
[15:43] matociquala: Although, hello, I could about read Kelly's serial number through those white jeans.
[15:44] katallen: ::grins::
[15:44] matociquala: Yanno, one thing I love about sixties TV.
[15:44] matociquala: It makes absolutely no bones about exploiting the hell out of the male actors, either. *g*
[15:45] katallen: heee
[15:45] matociquala: *g*
[15:46] matociquala: Oh look, another gratuitous crotch shot.
[15:46] matociquala: Where was I?
[15:47] matociquala: Oh, yeah, everybody dies.
[15:48] matociquala: More corpses than the last act of Hamlet.
[15:49] katallen: ::blinks::
[15:49] katallen: it's amazing how much can happen while you're... distracted
[15:50] matociquala: And Kelly's chick turns out evil, and Scotty strikes out with his girl. Another typical episode of I Spy comes to a close.
[15:51] katallen: poor boys

And it appears that Mission: Impossible is coming out on DVD.

I may never work again.
Tags: media, the writer at work

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