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if it's bad then let those tears roll down.

So last night was an insomnia night. Finally got sleepy around five AM and went to lie down; the cat kicked me out of bed around 8:30. Now she and I are cohabitating in the Big Chair, where we appear to have worked out detente, and Radio Paradise is having streaming problems. Boo. Perhaps the tubes are full.

I've gotten about two thousand words for the day, though (Something to be said for an early start) and I'm on page 65 of "Lumiere." I've just written a scene I really enjoyed, in which I get to bring in a bit of medieval legendry that I think is seriously underused in fiction (the saga of Cortaud and the wolves of Paris).

And now I must eat some lunch and buy cat food and milk. I was going to take a bunch of stuff to the post office, but you know what? Screw that for a lark. If you're waiting for a package from me, expect it after Xmas. Also, I think I will not go to the gym. I think I will walk down to the grocery store instead, and go to the gym tomorrow. Or possibly I shall skip the gym until I finish this story, as I am over the hump and into that part of the writing where I tend to forget to eat, anyway.

Man, this sucker is gonna be long. I still have to get the mad inventor and the actual bad guy in here, and the Gallant Prince as well.

In other news, "Love Among The Talus" is live at Strange Horizons. Woot!
Tags: footnotes to history, new amsterdam
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