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we're knights of the round table. we dance whenever we're able.

This is the part where I natter on pointlessly and probably incomprehensibly, because I seem to be unable to work out story foundations without nattering to somebody. Don't you feel lucky? Yes, I am a charter member of the "you never understand it until you have to explain it" club.

Okay, so so far for story elements I have the, you know, fall of the angels thing. And the Upstairs:Downstairs::Amber:Ghormengast thing. And I have Dust. And I have a character whose name was already Mallory, no really, and has been since 1993 when sie first started bugging me for a job, and I have a protagonist, Rien, the poor kitchen girl descended of a noble line.

And now I find I am all contaminated with obscure Arthuriana. (Why is it that the only chunks of Arthuriana that get used at all anymore are the Tristan and Yseult thing and the Lancelot thing? Okay, the Fisher King tends to wander through now and again, but the actual grail quest bit? Totally abandoned. And there's all that cool stuff with Percival and Bors and Lionel and so forth that never gets used, except by Phyllis Ann Karr.)***

I think, anyway, that the other main character has just introduced herself. Girl Percival, the runaway student. *g* Anybody got a problem with Percival being a girl's name?

There shan't be a Galahad cognate. Galahad was home with a bad cold, steaming himself under towels in the Seige Perilous. La Cote Male Taile might show up, though. Hee. Of course, if I girlify him too, obviously he must be Lenoire. *

(Maledisante has her very own story, sort of, with her name respelled a bit to Maledysaunte, forthcoming in Coyote Wild. Except it's not so much Arthuriana as another Wicked Fairy Apologist story. Someday, I might even write something longer about her, the sorceress in her tower.)

(I expect I will hear it on this from somebody (not my editor, thank dog) if I have two female protagonists who between them have most of the POV, but screw it. Nobody would notice if it was all boys. Boys are neutral. Girls are noticeable. That gives me aggro.)

Now I think about it, isn't it interesting that Bors is the one of the three (Bors, Percival, and Galahad) who isn't a virgin**, and he's the one who gets to ride home rather than being carried (or transubstantiated, but you know, picky fussy.) ?

The moral of the story is: purity ain't all its cracked up to be.

(I always liked Percival. And Kay. And Bedivere. And Dinadan. And the Borsii. I have a soft spot for the second-stringers.)

Oh, did I mention that this was crunchy crunchy posthuman space-opera SF with, you know, doomed generation ships and stuff? I bet when it's done, mostly you wouldn't even have noticed where I was swiping from if I hadn't of outs'ed myself.

Hmm. Well, crap, I think I have a plot. I guess that means I need to finish up "Lumiere" so I can start writing this thing.

 tainry likes Hammered.

handslive more or less likes Blood & Iron, except the bits sie doesn't like.

Green Man Review really likes The Chains that You Refuse.

*insert Edgar Allen Poe joke here

**vow of celibacy, yes, but he got roofied and date raped. or the 5th-century equivalent, anyway. Did right by the kid, too. Did I mention I like Sir Bors?

***ETA: I should have made plain here I'm talking about patent big-budget Arthuriana, you know, not the coded and buried sort, which as far as I know the whole world is writing. And stealing bits to decorate. I'm sorry about that.
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