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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter oops

silliest phonetic typo ever.

I just typed "nod" for "gnawed."



Clearly your accent is different from mine...
sounds like you're on a roll.

And my cat will scratch my sheets to wake me up.
The two actually sound slightly different to me. ^__^ Maybe it's a regional thing.
*goes to dictionary to look up 'bote'*
Hee! Excellent.
Glad to know I'm not the only one with a homophone thing!
Eye yam hookah enfant x.

-- Steve's experimented with voice recognition software before... boy, does that illustrate the soft spots of the English language.
Well it works with a John Wayne accent!!
silliest phonetic typo ever.

...especially given that they don't sound more than very vaguely alike.

Though somebody who regularly gets her fingers tangled and types srtoy for story really has no room to comment. :)
The only difference between them in my dialect is that "nod" is farther back in the mouth and a different tongue position on the vowel.
I thought the same, until I repeatedly said both words outloud. The more I listen to myself say the words, the more I can hear the difference. Interesting.

Ah, that makes sense. In mine it's a completely different vowel sound...
I dunno, sounds like a pretty cool phonetic mistake to me...^_^
Things those pesky spell checkers will never catch.
The whole subject of phonetic typos is odd. I make them, too.

It raises questions about how words are stored in the brain. And hash table collisions.
I think they tend to happen more often when I'm typing by ear. Which is to say, when I am listening very intently to the "sound" of what I'm writing, and thinking about its rhythms.

Jay's been saying he gets them more often these days.