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look at you with your mouth watering.

Dear truepenny:

This is a ghost story.

You have corrupted me. Your vengeance is complete.

Love, Bear

[18:06] matociquala: I am wondering if muted emotion isn't a good thing for a vampire story. To cut down on the wangst.
[18:06] stillsostrange: there's a wangst shortage.  My angels are hogging it.
[18:06] matociquala: And I need to stop listening to Tom McCrae's "Vampire Heart" and Neko's "Dirty Knife" back to back, or I will get a story.
[18:07] matociquala: ...possibly this story.
[18:07] matociquala: never mind.
[18:08] leahbobet: LOL
[18:09] matociquala: ...okay, Neko, Tom... and THE GIRL U WANT.
[18:09] matociquala: There goes the wangst. BOOM.

Tags: note to writing partner, the writer at work

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