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December 2021



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bear by san

i'm going down by the river where it's warm and green....

And today on Baking with Vlad....


That's just WRONG! :)
DUDE! What am I supposed to think, I see a gingerbread man with a tongue depressor stuffed up his *?

He lost a gerbil in there?
I mean the concept of a Gingerbread man on a stick is just wrong. I understood the reference...the Vlad comment was quite fact, it's what made me look...okay...enough with the ellipses (and that still does not appear to be spelled correctly, but that is that.)
Bwaaa! And all the happy little Martha clones have no idea...

My Motto

WWVD... What Would Vlad Do?

I have the icon.........

was a present from my flist buddy, Hawkward. I've been a huge Dracula fan for over 20 years:)

Re: I have the icon.........

I love that song. And thanks for the link - I just found some Day of the Dead cookies which will be perfect for the Nightmare before Christmas party I'm going to.

Buuahahaha!! That was awesome! I almost spit up my coffee. Best. Reference. Evah.
Dearie, dearie, me.

Or, as you might say, La!
You think people just don't, you know, think?
BWAHAHAHAH!! I must make some of these next Halloween. ;D
We thought they would be improved by red sugar, and pushing the sticks out of their mouths....
Ahahahha!! You're going to make me laugh myself into an asthma attack! Red icing might be even BETTER!
no asthma attacks. *g*

Hey, are you ever on IM anymore?
Hardly ever, but I should do that. I've been watching way too much TV instead. I know I am just avoiding my computer because I'm blocked, writing-wise but that doesn't mean I should avoid my friends too. I'll try to be better about that. Thanks for poking me.
Hey! Or yanno, you could just send email. *g*

Well, I mean, you do. But you know, ones with conversation in them....
Bloodletting: The album version or the remix that came out on the single for Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man?