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Obligatory year-end book-keeping meme post

Okay. So. Done. That makes New Amsterdam the 16th novel-length manuscript I've completed. Two of those are collaborations with truepenny. If you count short stories that may eventually be or have been collected, that's another two books worth of stuff.

2006 was actually a rather bad writing year for me in terms of wordcount, although absolutely excellent in terms of sales and publications. This story ("Lumière") (you can tell I'm on the desktop and not the laptop, because I have easy access to ASCII characters. *g*) puts me at ~213,000 words of fiction for the year, which is somewhere between a third and a half of what I usually log--I generally manage half a million words of fiction a year or more. I am uncertain if this is a paradigm shift, or just evidence that working and moving and traveling slow you down.

On the other hand, I've had two novels and a collection published (Blood & Iron, Carnival, The Chains that you Refuse), sold five novels (Ink & Pen, Hell & Earth, All the Windwracked Stars, By the Mountain Bound, The Sea thy Mistress) and one collaboration (A Companion to Wolves) and one collection (New Amsterdam).

So without further ado, the hit list!

Published this year:


The Chains that you Refuse
Blood & Iron

Short stories:

"Love Among The Talus" in Strange Horizons.
"Lucifugous" in Subterranean 5
"Sounding" in Strange Horizons.
"Ile of Dogges" (with Sarah Monette) in Aeon 7, 2006
"Dos Sueños con Trenes" ["Two Dreams on Trains," Spanish-language version] in Cuasar #42, Marzo 2006
"The Inevitable Heat Death of the Universe" in Subterranean #4, 2006
"The Cold Blacksmith" in Jim Baen's Universe June, 2006
"Gone to Flowers" in Eidolon, Eidolon Books, Jonathan Strahan & Jeremy G Byrne eds., 2006
"Los Empujadores Furiosos" in On Spec Winter 2006
"Wane" in Interzone #203 Mar/Apr 2006

"Follow Me Light" reprinted in Best New Paranormal Romance and YBF&H
"Two Dreams on Trains" reprinted in YBSF
"Wax" reprinted in Fantasy: The Best of the Year

Things forthcoming:

Short fiction in 2007, or maybe later:

"Matte" in Fictitious Force
"Limerent" in Subterranean
"The Something Dreaming Game" in Fast Forward from Pyr books, 2007, Lou Anders, ed.
"Inelastic Collisions" in Inferno from Tor books, 2007, Ellen Datlow, ed.
"War Stories" in Jim Baen's Universe (February)
"Sonny Liston Takes the Fall," in an as-yet untitled anthology from Del Rey, Ellen Datlow, ed.
"Abjure the Realm" in Coyote Wild
"Cryptic Coloration" in Jim Baen's Universe. (possibly August 2007)
"Tideline" in Asimov's
"Orm the Beautiful" in Clarkesworld
"The Rest of Your Life in a Day" in Jim Baen's Universe
"Formidable Terrain," in H. P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror


New Amsterdam, Subterranean
Whiskey & Water, Roc
Undertow, Bantam Spectra
A Companion to Wolves, Tor (with truepenny)

Ink & Pen, Roc
All the Windwracked Stars, Tor

Hell & Earth, Roc
By the Mountain Bound, Tor

The Sea thy Mistress, Tor

Novels written this year:
Undertow (Bantam Spectra, 2007)

Novels revised this year:
By the Mountain Bound (Tor, 2009)

Short Fiction written this year:
"Inelastic Collisions"
"Love Among the Talus"
"War Stories"
"Cryptic Coloration"
"The Rest of Your Life in a Day"
"Hobnoblin Blues"
"The Ladies"
"Orm the Beautiful"

Projected work for the rest of the year is: the proposal for Dust.

Projects due next year:
Dust (hopefully, if Spectra buys it)
All the Windwracked Stars
"Bone and Jewel Creatures"
(Ink & Pen too, but that's written.)

*Hopefully, these years will be filled out, with, you know, additional sales, but we don't like to count our chickens, etc. So yes, I'm writing three books a year for the foreseeable future, trying to keep ahead of the wolves. Here's hoping my health, my fingers, and my imagination hold out.

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