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If you buy two identical pairs of jeans on the same day, in the same size, from the same place, in two months, through some unidentifiable process one will fit and one will be just a tad snug.

Snug jeans remind me that while the eating-healthy portion of Project Less Of EBear is going well (although I did make homemade steak pie for lunch yesterday, with real pastry), the exercise portion is on hiatus until night-time temperatures dip below 98 degrees, or until I buy a secondhand ski machine. Hurm.

The boy is away on business. I am wearing the boy's shirt. (In fairness, I don't think he likes this one very much: it's the greeny-blue-grey color of an actual robin's egg, as opposed to "robin's-egg-blue", and it's probably too light for his taste.) Don't tell him. He might catch on that I like him.

matociquala is Dakota Sioux for "Little Bear." Aren't you glad you asked?

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