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bear by san

March 2017



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twain & tesla

it seems somehow appropriate that I am emitting a 60-cycle hum

The buzz of alternating current, and not much more. Or, yanno, handshake, but no carrier.

I have cleaned the living room and the kitchen, taken out the trash, and cleaned the catbox. I think the next step is sorting the laundry so I can wash it, because if I wash the laundry, I can clean the bedroom.

And then there's the bathroom


But hey, I finished the book. You know, a linked collection might in fact be just as exhausting as a novel?

Man, I need bookshelves.



I'm now holding out for a set of library shelf compactors.
If you listen closely, you can hear the cries of all the lost students crushed in the mobile shelves...
you do need book shelves... I'll make them, you come get them... You know, i wonder if there is a habitat for humididty recycle store near you..
Bookshelves? How high?
I've already picked out the ones I want. *g*
cinder blocks and boards is the tradional method, but salvaged drawers work better, and produce room for knick knackage.

Replacing the cinder blocks with stacks of other books works well in cases of desperation, but slows down research, and may lead to death by book slide.

I know you know this, but i posted this for the benefit of persons who are only second generation book addicts and dont have hereditary book worm survival genes..

*g* I have the board and box version currently... I'm actually eyeing real, grown-up bookshelves.

Hold me.
be brave... grasp the nettle, remember the thoughts of Chairman Mao, strick while the iron is hot..

Seriously, those ones you have are seriously sagging..
But hey, I finished the book. You know, a linked collection might in fact be just as exhausting as a novel?

<heavy_sarcasm>Ya think?</heavy_sarcasm>

(ACCELERANDO gave me a bellyfull of that format that should last me a couple of decades ... the problem is that short works tend to be denser than novels, so a bunch of short interconnected stories that form a mosaic novel are actually much harder work than the novel itself ...)
*g* Well, this is *far* from as ambitious as Accelerando, thank god.

But yeah, tiring.
::eyes:: Same amount of story in head, more arcs to finish, more resolutions, more climaxes and still the last bang should be the biggest -- exhausting to contemplate...

I figure it's worth a novel+ of recuperative R&R.