bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san

Bear's Law Of Internet Chat Rooms

All internet chat rooms inhabited by at least 50% female geeks or fans or writers will eventually devolve onto on of three topics:

1) food, and how to make it
2) cute boys, and which ones are cutest
3) bras, and where to buy them



What's the current wisdom on where to buy bras?

*glares at the underwire that attacked me early this morning*
What, no chocolate or cats?
Those are under 1) and 2) respectively.
What's best is if you get attractive men (I am not interested in boys) who will make you food and/or buy you bras. Highly recommended.
You are so incredibly right!!!!!!

I once watched, with much bemusement, a conversation between several of my extremely well-endowed friends about the difficulty of finding proper support. I might as well have been a guy, for all the personal experience I could contribute to that one.

Now, should the bra conversation wander onto the difficulty of keeping bra straps where they belong when you have no shoulders to speak of, I would be all over it. Mostly with the complaining. And the lament that I cannot wear t-backed bras with everything, alas.
I'm quite small, and still can't find bras I like. I am the kiss of death to underwear lines. I've found several styles and never seen them again.
Then again, my ideal bra is more or less a sports bra with softer fabric.
*happy sigh*

That's why I love my world.
Cute boys=SQUEE!
I remember Mom's b/f from years ago, Pappy Huffman (from Shake Rag, TN). who told me that, where he came from, cute meant bow-legged. I switched over to quaint, because of it. ;-)
Back in the dear departed days of good RASFF, we used to say all threads devolved to cats, chocolate, and Jewish minutia. However, bra threads were extremely common too. Fandom certainly seems to have a lot of well-endowed women.


Well, Cats Are Cool. Sometimes.

Nothing cannot be resolved by a liberal application of chocolate (except for world hunger, the "war" in Iraq, and President George W. Bush).
I'd have said cats, myself. I don't do the bra discussions since I never wear one.
You have my undying envy.

My mom hasn't worn a bra, to my knowledge, since 1975. I am jealous as all hell, lemme tell you.
...but, as with the Thirty-Six Plots(TM), one can recombine those three ingredients in an infinite number of ways and still come up with something.

I mean, hell, isn't that the basis of the entire Harlequin empire?
You do realize, they devolve only after I've left the chatroom. >=}
*grabs popped corn*