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I hold there is no sin but ignorance.


Via razorsmile, another review of Carnival calling it slash. *Insert eyeroll here.* 

Heh. If they want slash, fine, I'll give them slash.

Just you wait. Watch this space.

And yanno, the review itself is pretty positive, in general, thought rather spoilery. You'll need a rot13 reader to decode it. I gotta say, though, did this guy never know the ingenuity that is a twelve-year old cracker when he was in junior high?*

I used to know this one phreak who could whistle telephone access codes....

Well, as long as I'm this cranky, I'm going to go work on these contracts and galleys so I don't have to do it in the morning. I'd eat something, and try to get my blood sugar up, but I'm too bitchy to want food.

*Why is it that nobody has nailed me on any of the completely stupid plot developments in Scardown, I wonder?**

**In fact, nobody ever picks up on the various plot developments in my books that *I* consider stupid. Probably because I know they're stupid, and go out of my way either to gloss over them or kick leaves over them or shore them up. The stuff I consider perfectly evident, like the dangers inherent in long-range microwave power transmission, or the existence of underground rivers in Hartford, that I hear it for.***

***Bitch bitch bitch, ah shaddap Bear, nobody cares, and at least he liked the book. I sometimes think I should just give up writing science fiction and concentrate on the fantasy, because there's a certain type of SF reader whose main joy is making up reasons why a book's logical system doesn't work.****

****But I like science fiction.*****

*****I think I'll give up reading reviews, instead.******

******I'm all out of Criminal Minds. Do you suppose Torchwood has downloaded yet?*******

*******Oh, for fuck's sake, Bear, shut up and do your paperwork. And when you are done doing your paperwork, you can read that book you are meant to be blurbing, can't you? Yes.********

********Oy, I hope I don't get asked to blurb anything again for a while. I can't keep up.*********

*********Yes, I do feel better now.

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