it's a great life, if you don't weaken (matociquala) wrote,
it's a great life, if you don't weaken

Mole has a Ph.D., and Bear doesn't have any sort of college degree at all.

This is probably why Mole can explain the thing that has been absolutely sending me off the deep end about this whole "Carnival is slash/yaoi" thing. *


I've bloody well written slash. (There. I am as good as my word.) I've in fact written slash for the express purpose of deconstructing fanfiction. (Which, you know, it does a pretty good job of itself, being--on the better end of the genre--very self-aware stuff.) Oh, here, have the bit of actual fanfiction I did last year, too. Because I like it.

I know the difference. (ellen_fremedon (top ten livejournal names ever) has argued me into a corner where I have to admit to a "slashy sensibility," as she defines it--although frankly, I think that the Mysterious Thing that makes "slashy" love stories Different from yer bog-standard heteronormative love story is that they trigger the kink in people who have it, which is why it's invisible to me (my kink is Fraught, rather than any particular pattern of genders. Give me Fraught (with a side of noble/tragic) and make it not stupid and I'm yours until the end of time. (Because god, if it's ratio of backstory to front story, Keith and Elaine and Jenny and Gabe have to be the slashiest things I've ever written. Remember what I said about "Fraught"? I suspect it's because I find relationships boring, mostly, but I find the ways in which they motivate people endlessly interesting.))

And that is the last I'm going to speak on the issue, because frankly, it makes me want to beat people to death with a coal shovel, and that's not pretty. Nor is it really called for in this context.

* and if you are going to use a word, please learn what it means. Although yanno, I would rather have Carnival called yaoi than slash. Although the lack of illustrations is kind of a problem definitionally speaking.


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