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This is about the kind of girl who carries a switchblade and is very well read.

Boy, if there was ever a song lyric that popped a character immediately into my head, that was it.

I bet she wears rollerblades, too....

I was reasonably productive this morning, for not-working values of productive, although there is still stuff I need to get done. One thing I'm noticing as I pursue the guitar thing is how much of my brain it uses, which is really quite fabulous. I'm generally speaking a very inductive thinker (this can be a problem for me as a writer, actually, because the linear deductive process that most people use doesn't work very well for me. I suspect I'm more right-brained than is usual, and I'm not more of a picture thinker or visual thinker because my eyesight is terrible and has been since I was a child. So I have this hairbrained theory that the facility that would have developed as picture-thinking turned instead into this weird kinesthetic learning style I have. (I'm not all that verbal either, which is probably even more shocking than a writer saying she's not visual, but man, you should hear me try to talk when I'm trying to formulate a complex concept. It's all handwaving and inarticulate grunting and digressions. Especially if I'm dealing with somebody confrontational, and there's a stress factor. There's a reason I didn't stay on the debate team, or the Model UN.)

In any case, one of the things that I'm really enjoying about the guitar thing, as I'm starting to edge out of more or less just performing exercises and into actually playing things that are very vaguely recognizable as songs, is the multitasking and integration aspect of it. Because I realized today, as I got through a somewhat butchered version of City of New Orleans, that what I needed to do to be able to handle the strumming and the singing and the chord changes all at once was to segregate them. So the chord change becomes a visual task--I actually took my glasses off, at one point, to eliminate distracting visual input, and just pictured the and position that went with the chord I was moving into, and that worked very well. Then you let the verbal left brain handle the lyrics, and the proprioception handle the strumming, and it works surprisingly well.

Always neat, those moments when you get a glimpse of how the brain works. Very cool.

Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year.

Plan accordingly.

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