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We are the hungry ghosts crying remember me

Things the world of New Amsterdam apparently has that Earth has also.

Lewis Carroll (Sebastien quotes "The Hunting of the Snark.")

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and by extension Sherlock Holmes (Sebastien quotes "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.") This leads me to believe that in this continuity, Holmes' character may be loosely based upon Sebastien.

Christopher Marlowe and Faust. (Sebastien, again with the quoting.)

Abraham Stoker, and Dracula.

Vlad III of Wallachia

Varney the Vampire


Alexandre Dumas pere

von Zeppelin

Nikola Tesla

William Shakespeare (several references, although in this world he apparently wrote a play in which the central tragedy is the unnatural murder of a mother by her daughter.)

Napoleon Bonaparte


San Diego


New Orleans


Things the world of New Amsterdam apparently does not have that Earth does.

Queen Victoria (but there is a cognate: Alexandria Victoria, the Iron Queen)

Napoleon III

Baron Haussmann

New York City

English-speaking Florida

Joshua Norton, very sadly.

The United States of America

graphite pencil leads


Things the world of New Amsterdam apparently does have that Earth does not.

Gosselin, a vampire novel by Alexandre Dumas pere

Millarca von Karnstein, a real person.

Broadcast power.

Transatlantic dirigible service

Forensic sorcerers (a Crown Investigator or ein Zaubererdetektiv, depending on where you happen to be)

European settlements of North America limited to the coastlines

The Emperor of All Mexico

A Russian empire that is, apparently, all out of chewing gum.

Page 147 of 468. Still not King.

Man that's good bread. And this strawberry-kiwi tisane is really nice.

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