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nothing is more boring than rereading one's own words.



Page 192 of 468. Page 261 of 468. Are we there yet?

That bottle of apple vodka in the freezer is not surviving the weekend, I can tell you that right now.

At least this is a final pass revision, for everything except "Lumiere," which needs its final draft done. Everything else is complete, several of the stories have been published, and all I'm doing is going over them, taking out the redundant exposition (because when all the stories are collected in one book, I don't need to introduce each character each time he or she appears) and I have to add at least one scene of denouement to "Lumiere," and possibly a chunk of yanno stuff at the beginning. ("Stuff" is a technical term here meaning exposition and setup.)

My goal is to finish by tomorrow night, so I can have Sunday to chill out before the family thing happens on Christmas. And then after that I collapse until January 1, when I have to start the book proposal.


Right. Time for an Alton break.
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