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bear by san

March 2017



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spies avengers steed and peel needed

finally, we got some winter weather around here. For an hour.

Apparently that passive-aggressive meme is going around again, the one where you make anonymous comments to your friends-list without specifying who they are aimed at.

Last time it came through, I did it for my characters. *g*

This time, in the spirit of axial tilt, I'm doing it for you. So try these on and see if they fit, why don't you?

Ten things I think you should know about yourself:

1) You think you don't do enough, but for those of us on the sidelines, the wonder is how much you accomplish. We are somewhat convinced that you get a few extra hours in the day that the rest of us don't have access too, because otherwise we can't figure out how you manage to care for your family, create art, and get about with the business of living at the same time as holding down a job that most people would consider a full-time occupation all by itself.

2) I am so pleased that you have an opportunity to follow your dream. I am so pleased that you have had the courage to chase it.

3) Thank you for taking better physical and emotional care of yourself this year than you have before. It is possible to get better, and you are doing the work.

4) I admire your ability to take the whacks on the nose and the setbacks that life hands you, and circumnavigate them. Sometimes it's like being a salmon swimming upstream, isn't it? Two leaps forward, only to get swept back over the rocks. (You ask the world, and the world says no.) But you persist in finding ways around the obstacles. You're an inspiration.

5) You have a fabulous family, and you appreciate it (and them). You give me hope that not all families are crazy and destructive, or merely formed of people clinging together because they're scared to be alone.

6) You remind me of the Ladies of the Canyon, complete with randomly dispensed art and the air of plenty. When I picture an Angel of the House, it is you.

The Victorians would be absolutely mortified, and I enjoy that.

(I should note that the person in this entry is not necessarily female. *g*)

7) Observing you has made me believe that love was something more than a literary construct or chemical reaction. Thank you.

8) You are generous. And part of your charm is that you don't realize it; you just think everybody acts that way.

9.) When I think of you, I think of the music that surrounds you.

10.) If my life ever needed saving, I would be reassured to find myself in your hands.

Right. Only "Lumiere" left to get through. Of course, that's the one that hasn't been revised from its first draft yet. 

And then I have to break up "Lucifugous" for web serialization.

And I'm awfully sleepy, dammit.


I did the same thing the last time this meme went around, making it for the positive rather than for retribution and angst.
What wishwords said.

I would like to do this meme too but I think I might end up bawling into my keyboard out of sheer emotion :$ (or hormones, or both).
*g* It is good to appreciate the mightiness of one's friends and loved ones.
Nice meme! Also I wish to find that person in number 1 comment, sit her/him down under the bright light, and demand to know the secret of extra time. Ve haf vays of making you tok. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
....are you sure that person isn't you? *g*
Clearly, every single one of these is about me.
Absolutely. What would make you think they weren't? *g*
I want to know more about the music :)
Though I would not expect to surface on anyone's radar except in the Hapless Meme, I am claiming Five and Nine, just because I like 'em so much.

I cannot do this meme, I'd be up all night typing nifty things about, what, a hundred people? More?

Here's my lj user="matociquala"> entry: You teach as you live, but no one notices because you do it with style, humor, and honesty. I love watching you open doors into new possibilities in writing, it's not just exciting but exhilirating, and the best thing is, everybody wins--writer and reader.
shucks, ma'am.

Thank you.
#5 certainly applies to me from my point of view, and I do hope that now and then someone takes hope from my family, which is indeed fabulous.

I love that I know who some of these people are, and totally agree with you.

I also love that about half of us apparently think that we are #5. :grin:
I hate those passive-aggressive memes with a passion. Your version is much better. I'll take several, but I won't say which ones. (^_^)

I'm still looking for winter weather. We had a few minutes of snow during judo thursday night up in NoHo, and it was like someone broke a beanbag chair and sowed the filling sparsely across the parking lot. Came back down to Springfield, and nothing. I miss my childhood Christmases in Maine.
Whoa. You deconstructed the passive-aggressive meme genre! And made it an act of love. All hail you!

((doffs hat))((bows))
I loff you. ::loffs::
I loff you too. THIS MUCH.
You don't get to quibble with gifts. They're yours.

Happy solstice.

This used to be a nasty meme? And you made it a cool, sweet, thoughtful, *nice* one?

You so rock.
So do you.