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stay with me, don't go, you'll see my characters appear. the storyteller's magic doesn't lie

Page 413. So bored. *g*

I'm trying to figure out how to tie up the external arc in a way that doesn't seem arbitrary, doesn't mess up the emotional climax, and is satisfying. I'm happy with the thematic arc, at least, and I do not want to goof that up.

Mosaic novels are very epicyclical.

Fifty-six pages to go, plus whatever I add at the end.


I worry if this is any good. I'm no longer certain if editors buy my stories because they don't suck, or because I have some name recognition these days. :-P

ETA: apparently, vampires exhibit the flehmen response.

Great expectations I have to find
I want to tell you what it was like
My recollection is not too clear
So much hope and so much fear.

Long conversations into the night
Not like that, oh no, not so black and white
The great temptation's to try and please you
Play with you thought and mind and tease you
If I could tell my story in a song
I'd have to make it fast, yes it's very long
Many shades of grey between the right and wrong.

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