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'twas the night before Christmas and all through the house--

...I'm watching Mission: Impossible and contemplating something I noticed last night, while I was watching I Spy. (It could be worse. I have the first season of Airwolf right here. Now that is disreputable. This is quality TV. Well, with really bad fake Russian accents. You ever wonder who that one girl is whose picture Dan always flicks aside with such disregard? Also, I had forgotten that in first season, the characters still had personalities. Barney keeps flirting with Cinnamon! He's funny!)

Anyway, the thing I was noticing is that the plots of TV thrillers have not changed in 40 years. [I just watched a bioterrorism episode of Mission:Impossible that had more or less exactly the same plot as the bioterrorism episode of Criminal Minds from this season. The schtick of how they tricked the prisoner was different, of course. TV is all about the schtick.] However, the differences are telling.

Back in the '60's, if your guys were on a mission across enemy lines in Cambodia, they had the option of calling in an illegal B-52 strike. These days, of course, the airstrike would be in Afghanistan....

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