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not really spoilery.... *g*

[21:59] matociquala: Ten is such a cut-rate Doctor.
[22:00] matociquala: I mean, if a woman in a bridal gown appeared on Four's deck unanticipated, he'd just ask her if she'd like a cup of tea.
[22:01] matociquala: Nine would ask *her* for a cup of tea.
[22:01] katallen: ::grins::
[22:01] matociquala: Stand there glibbering and speechless for ninety seconds, indeed.
[22:01] katallen: plus What? is totally the wrong question
[22:01] matociquala: yes.
[22:01] matociquala: "Who?"
[22:01] matociquala: "How?"
[22:01] katallen: ::grins::
[22:01] matociquala: those are useful.
[22:01] katallen: Who? is even thematic
[22:01] matociquala: hee
[22:02] matociquala: And he says "This can't happen" a lot, doesn't he?
[22:02] katallen: for a Time Lord ... yes
[22:02] matociquala: Usually about something that's demonstrably happening....
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