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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid yes i'm a genius

Yeah, I suck.

I know I said I wasn't reading reviews anymore, but my spies keep reporting in, and I just looked at the list of things and realized how freaking extensive it had gotten. And if I don't put them here, I never remember where they were.

So I think I'm in a sufficiently centered emotional space where I'm just going to make a solemn pact with myself to read the word "slash," if it is applied to Carnival, as "rutabaga." Because really, I've gotten innured to just about everything else the internets have to say about my work, I can handle being inaccurately tagged as a derivative queer romance writer. Hmm. Or perhaps I should say, a writer of derivative queer romances?


None of these contain any rutabagas.

Some of them contain spoilers.






http://etumukutenyak.livejournal.com/74646.html (papersky, also a review of Farthing here)

A cache link to an LKH forum post on Carnival. (this one spoilers many things. *g*)

The Mysterious Galaxy holiday newsletter says some nice things about both Carnival and The Chains That You Refuse.


houseboatonstyx is proof that my editors' continuing efforts to teach me to write books with an A plot that makes sense if you read it in front of the TV are, in fact, bearing fruit. Woot! Lookit that, I can learn.


Synchronistically, some discussion of the opening sentence of Carnival:

Alternative Reality Webzine here.

Lis Riba over here. Also, Lis could use some he'p, if you are or know a Windows geek.

An itty bitty nice thing about TCTYR over here. And she liked the Schrodinger story. Huzzah! Nobody ever gets the Schrodinger story.

And Fantasybookspot reviews Hammered.

See what I mean about letting them pile up?

Speaking of reviews, I just read the first book in desperance's Selling Water By The River series. And I'm starting the second one, which in your case you probably have not yet got. In any case, fabulous prose, bright reversals, intriguing characters. I begin to identify why people sometimes feel I kick them into the middle of things, though, because I would have started this book about fifty pages from the end....

Which didn't limit my enjoyment, because Chaz is a good enough writer that I'll follow along for the joy of the words sloshing around. And it's all got that stately enjoyable worldbuildy pace I just cannot write to, so I admire it when other people (like truepenny) can. You know, that immersive wandering-the-bazaar worldbuilding thing. It's just one of those things you start doing when you learn to write. You start playing the "how would I have told this story?" game.

And when you are new and shiny and wet-behind-the-ears, you mistakenly think that what you are seeing is how you would have told the story better. But that's not quite right, and after a few years and a million words or so, you realize that what your brain is doing is figuring out ways to tell the story different. Different =/= better.

I'm actually experimenting with my own reading protocols currently, because I mean to write my next Storytellersunplugged.com column on reading protocols and how they shift as one learns to write. That's something to do next week too.

I'm really in love with this icon. It's almost as much micro-flash-fictiony goodness as the "So he died" one.

Funny thing is, I tend to use my favorites really sparingly, as if I were saving them for special occasions. Isn't that odd?



exactly! Save them for good!
Suggestion: Next time, center a novel on a five-marriage, with each person being of a different gender. Then use a heterosexual married couple.

Sit back and watch people try to explain that as a pattern.
What makes you think I haven't been doing just about that?
Heh. What I read in it, you could have WRITTEN in front of the tv. Men from UNCLE in an Old Star Trek plot. Plot loud and clear.

Here's where I did say it didn't have any ... rutabagas in it.
If that's what you get from it, that's what you get from it.
I didn't mean it sounded inattentively written, just that the bare bones of the A-plot showed a lot of tv influence.

(Sorry, I was posting hurriedly and inattentively. :-)

Again, if that's what you get from it, that's what you get from it.


I got Carnival for Christmas :)
*g* Yay!
You know, I've heard of authors who auction off roles in their novels to raise money for charity...

FYI, having now finished Carnival, I just don't think you should try that route. I don't think I'd wish a role in one of your books to even my worst enemy.

Wow, you put your characters through the wringer... and then some!

All shall love me and despair.

Now you can see why I've fallen in love with Criminal Minds. *g* Finally a TV show as mean to its cast as I am to mine.

*g* One of my friends used to joke that the only threat that would work on my characters was the threat of sending them to a Tim Powers book.

Anyway, I hope overall it worked for you!
Well, I didn't see any rutabagas in Carnival. ;-) Besides all the plot twisting and excitement, I liked the love story, especially one with a twisty end.

Heck, I liked the whole thing, from beginning to end, bad boys and girls, everyone and everything. It made sense, it kept me guessing, and it kept me absolutely hooked.
You are just trying to become my personal hero, you are.
Or this could be just my way of buttering you up so you'll write more books for me to read. And that's where it's at, for me: Books To Read. I must have more.

I can't not read. I have been known to read ingredients at the table. ("Salad Dressing: water, high fructose corn syrup, dehydrated vegetable powder, spices, vegetable oil, ....")

So instead of the whips and chains*, or the begging and pleading, I write nice things about books I like, then cross my fingers and hope I can get more. ;-)

*Unless, of course, someone likes the whips and chains, in which case I'll be happy to oblige. So to speak.
Well, I gotta tell you, positive feedback works.
It does, doesn't it? :-D More eggnog for you?
Or this could be just my way of buttering you up so you'll write more books for me to read. And that's where it's at, for me: Books To Read. I must have more.

Woman after me own heart, you are.