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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Preliminary thoughts on Dust.

I probably will need an icon for this book, but so far nothing suggests itself. In any case, I'm thinking about the second scene, because I know what the second scene is, except I have a problem.

The problem is, I have two POVs it could be in, Rien or Percival. And both of them have things to recommend them. And so I am torn. On the horns of a dilemma, even. (Which is better than being on the horns of an analemma, let me tell you, but I digress.)

Please explain to me that I do not need to write another book in omniscient, even if it would be thematically useful?

I like these characters. I like them a lot. I think I like them better than I have liked any characters in a good long time.

Also, I'm really starting to repeat myself on this whole angel riff. What a weird thing for a non-Christian to get all hung up on.

Right. I guess I'll put it in Percival's POV, and see what I get.



What is it you like about them?
They're engaging to write.

Fine, fine. I can wait until I read it in print. I don't mind. I'm patient. Don't mind me, I'll just sit here in the dark...

Want some custom scented lip balm?
Alas, it's the only answer I can give. Some POV characters are fun to write. (Jenny, Kit, Mingan, Matthew, Kasimir.) Some are hellacious to write (Elaine, Vincent, Angelo, Valens, Andre, Cricket.) Some are neutral (Muire, Lesa, Gabe, Keith).

These ones are both fun. I dunno why that should be, but they are.

um, sure! Thanks!
Fair enough.

You can have any combination you like of up to three of the following:

Likely: peppermint, ginger, lemongrass, basil, black pepper, bergamot, bay laurel (very sweet), rosemary.

Less likely, but might be interesting: geranium, palmarosa, rosewood, sage, cypress, fir needle, juniper berry, carrot seed (smells like wet earth), celery seed (smells exactly like celery seed), lavender, cypress.

On your own head be it: pennyroyal, citronella, marjoram, frankincense, tea tree.

If you like ginger, I recommend a mix with bay laurel (makes it sweeter and rounder) or black pepper (makes it pricklier). It's very raw by itself.
oo. hmm.

peppermint-lemongrass-lavender sounds very promising, as do the carrot seed and the rosewood.
as do the carrot seed and the rosewood.


On your lips?

I just have to ask, you know.
No, no, oh, separately. *g* Thus the two direct articles!
They did give that impression, but I like to be sure.

The great thing about spending an afternoon making salves and balms is that the skin of my hands and forearms ends up so wonderfully moisturized. :)
Oh my.

Can I pay you cash money for that?

Not at the moment, no. I finished that batch. Although, actually, I do have two unscented ones I could remelt and scent.

What the heck. E-mail me a scent choice and your address. No guarantees on how long I take getting it to you, though.
Which character has the most lose?
Both of them. *g*
I really like 1st person POV - the more unreliable the better - and knowing your characters, that would not be a problem.
Not an option here. The question was whether it was Rien's POV, or Percival's.
icon suggestion: arbitrary dusty landscape, with obligatory quote from t.s. eliot, "I will show you fear in a handful of dust."
Nice icon. Steven Crane!


Eliot's a little too obvious. And there's nothing deserty about the book, alas.
Can you alternate them?

Probably not, or you'd have thought of it already.

Yeah, I am alternating, actually. It's just this *one scene* which would be equally good from either side.

I thought of putting the whole book in Rien's POV, except a few Obligatory Antagonist Cut Scenes, because that would keep Percival all alien and mysterious and strange, but then I'm not sure I want her Alien and Mysterious and Strange.

And if I do, I might get a better effect by showing her as just-her, from her own POV, and then as A&M&S from Rien's POV.

Rien's experience is terribly limited, you see. She's a naif. *g*

And Percival is a POW, at first.

Put the same scene in twice, and everyone wins!
Please explain to me that I do not need to write another book in omniscient, even if it would be thematically useful?

Bear, you do not have to write another book in omniscient, even if it would be thematically usefull.


However, in kind of the same line as another poster... why not write the same scene twice... or same book rather. Both 3rd person limited from Rien's POV first then the story as told by Percival --- might allow an explanation of seemingly miraculous scenes to be explained by Percival's alien strangeness ;D

...oh to hell with it: write it in 2nd person. I love seeing you, you, you-you and you over and over again :P

The angel thing: not so odd for a non-Christian. In Nomine players can get really, really wrapped up in the angel lark.

The time to worry is when you start watching Touched By An Angel reruns and suffering overheated heart cockles.
I once (many long years ago) wrote a short-short called Dust and even etched it into glass as the final project for two different classes at university. It is exceedingly odd for me to read your talk about Dust, even though I can tell it is as completely different from my little effort as a scattering of words can be.
The glass etching sounds incredibly cool.

Charles Pellegrino has a book by that title too.

Fortunately for all of us, titles are reusable....
Sometime in the next millenium I will get my slides scanned and then I'll be able to post a picture of the glass book. It turned out pretty well, with the neon and all.

I liked the bit you posted, btw. Made me want to keep reading. At this point I have to make a confession: I haven't yet read any of your novels. Not for lack of wanting to, mind you, but for reasons of poverty. I find myself able to buy only about two or three books a year at retail prices and the rest I get used. Sadly (or perhaps happily for you), no-one around here has given up their copies. I do have a copy of your short story collection, of which about 3/4 I liked very much and the rest felt as if I probably would have liked (read "understood") them if only I'd known just a little bit more about x.

I'm looking forward to the day I can walk into a bookstore and gather up an armful of Bears to buy. Until then, I'll have to be content with these little snippets.
Well, thank you!

I don't actually require people read my stuff to hang around. It's cool.

I mean, I talk about TV too. *g*

(And I have done my time in the land of brokeville. I know exactly what you mean. I did a lot of library time for a while.)