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Preliminary thoughts on Dust.

I probably will need an icon for this book, but so far nothing suggests itself. In any case, I'm thinking about the second scene, because I know what the second scene is, except I have a problem.

The problem is, I have two POVs it could be in, Rien or Percival. And both of them have things to recommend them. And so I am torn. On the horns of a dilemma, even. (Which is better than being on the horns of an analemma, let me tell you, but I digress.)

Please explain to me that I do not need to write another book in omniscient, even if it would be thematically useful?

I like these characters. I like them a lot. I think I like them better than I have liked any characters in a good long time.

Also, I'm really starting to repeat myself on this whole angel riff. What a weird thing for a non-Christian to get all hung up on.

Right. I guess I'll put it in Percival's POV, and see what I get.

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