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there's a dead girl's body by the railroad track, waiting for a train.

I am a very happy bear. I have a book to work on that's fun, for the first time in I dunno how long. It's like, fun! I open it up and type and words and story happen! And it's fun! And it gets all Gothic and worldbuildy and weird and there are words and I kind of like writing them!

It's freaking weird, I tell you.

I haven't had this much fun writing something since... oh, the first half of The Stratford Man.

Also, it keeps suggesting alternate titles for itself. Engine and Rule was one. Shipwreck Star was the other, which has this great classic 1960's Sargasso of Space/Cities in Flight kind of ring to it, I think, and may just wind up being the real title, after all. Except it sounds so much like a James Blish book I actually had to go check and make sure it wasn't one already.

Maybe I can use that as a chapter title, since it seems to want chapter titles.

Anyway. Man. I am so happy with this book. (Never fear. In a hundred pages or so I'm sure it will be sitting around the house in its undershorts scratching its groin under the beergut and I'll be shrieking at it to wipe the mustard out of its three-day beard and get a job, but for now, it's the sexiest book alive.)

WIP bit. absolute rough draft. If you think it sucks, don't tell me.Collapse )

Gothic. Yes.

I am pleased to note that apparently I can learn, as I am now working on chapter two and the old lessons of the tensioning expert--ESCALATE! ESCALATE! ESCALATE!--are ringing in my ears.

Man, I hope this stays fun for a while.

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