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bear by san

December 2021



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froud tapestry

don't you worry, they won't find my body

...I still feel like I left my oomph in my other pants, but as long as the book is cooperating and cheerful to be written, by God I'm going to write it! Today and yesterday are non-gym days (tomorrow, weights) and I'm trying to rest a little. One may find that one tends to work too hard, or so one's friends may tell one.

Anyway, I might get chapter two done today, because it's all in my head. And then I will be halfway to the fifty pages I need for the proposal. Then I have to make up out of whole cloth write a synopsis that will bear absolutely no resemblance to the eventual finished book, trying to avoid the words "and then a miracle occurs" at any point, and I will have done the thing that must be done by mid-January, and I can laze about until the next time the night shift brain squirrels get uppity, or a deadline looms, whichever comes first.

But for right now I'm going to stick my feet into a cup of coffee until my toes warm up, and maybe eat something (all this maintenance!)



This is so complicated.



I recommend soup! (I just ate soup...)

Or Cheesecake!
I am having leftover rice pilaf with gouda and fried eggs and brocollini. *g*

It's better than it sounds.
Good food often is. I have a week off, so took the time to cook salmon steaks with runner beans and sweetcorn last night. It was better than any of the quick stuff I normally do (which isn't even awful - fresh pasta et cetara)... anyway, all this talk is making me hungry...

*g* I'm on my way. Save the leftovers!
L... leftovers?


Jay-zeus, you've just reminded me of the amount of leftovers I had from just that starter in Austin! Haha.
oh my god that was enough food for an army.

Next time, I say what we do is buddy up, and split a starter and entree between each two people.
It was truly crazy - but yeh, you're right! I don't know what next year's WFC area is like, but I'm sure there'll be something similar.

In fact, there's some talk of at least an evening in NYC beforehand (which I'll definately be doing, coming all the way from UK - might spend a few days there first). I'm sure there'll be eating to be had there!
Oh yes. There is eating to be had in NYC.
I worked there for a month this year and found a few great places... I have to revisit and also find new places. I think I'm going to need at least a few days! :D
This... is a day for SUPERTAKEOUT!!!!
Yanno, the local chinese place does good sesame noodles. *g*
and remember; "and then the bears came out of the woods and ate them all up" part goes at the end.
At the proposal stage, thankfully, they only expect the semblance of plot.