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December 2021



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link salad: there's no such thing as global climate change

16-year changes in the USDA hardiness charts.

Bye bye, Lohachara Island.

We weren't using that ice shelf for anything, were we? Think of it as experimental support for theories of punctuated equilibrium.

Old rain forests can be recycled to make nice savannahs, it's true.


Not that anybody's asking me, but I think we can all stop looking for that tipping point. Me, I'm looking forward to the Africanized bees and fire ants, here in the Northeast. And mmm, hemorrhagic fevers.



We are so fucked.

Nice icon.
Yeah, pretty much.

I made it special, today. :-P

Ireland, a latitude farther north than Boston

So if all that ice melts, Ireland probably loses the nice warm Gulf Stream current, but gets nice warm Boston winters?

*watches growing floodwater zones*

I agree with the previous commentor. We are so seriously fucked.

Any shorefront property I buy is going to be at least half a mile inland, that's for sure. And *uphill.* 8-/
Sadly true. I read the bit about the ice shelf this morning. 90% smaller in a 100 years? I only regret that we are leaving this mess to our kids and are not doing more now.
Hey - B. says he knows the guys who make those USDA maps, and every year at the AAG they tell him nobody ever looks at them!

They will be very cheered in April to learn that quite a few people did look at them recently.
Damn. As a gardener, that hits hard. I looked at all my old planting grounds. Soon, peaches in Vermont!

Global warming cup

Here is a neat bit of propaganda... I got one for teresa, and she uses it to harrass the reactionaries at her job..

Yikes. How much longer before PEI, Manhattan, or Japan are submerged?

I guess if I want to see any place for its natural beauty, I shouldn't postpone the trip much longer. It might not be around by the time it's convenient to visit.
...yes global warming=yes...
Of course all that we're really doing is adding potential energy to the freaking ice age we're overdue for.
Mmmmm ice age.
Not that I don't think there's enough evidence to go around, or believe everything I read on the Internet, but a friend returned my e-mail with some question about the "vanishing island"

Just one source:
That's a very interesting link, but I think "hoax" is rather a strong word when sea levels are demonstrably rising and island nations such as Vanuatu are losing land area.

Midges, resembling mosquitoes but usually don`t bite

Don't bite! They obviously haven't met the Welsh midges. *Pout* Why do we get the biting sort?

Oh, and re climate change. Right now it's pretty warm outside for the UK in late December (14 deg C or 57 deg F or thereabouts), but the rain is almost horizontal and it's blowing a gale outside.
Excellent Bone icon!
These last ten years in Minnesota have shown me dramatically that the climate is changing.

When I first moved here, a mere decade ago, winter came on quickly, dropped below freezing early, dropped below zero by Christmas and hung out around -30°F for much of January. We didn't get a lot of snow, but what we got didn't finish melting 'til June, especially in mall parking lots, where great big glaciers of plowed snow took ages to melt down.

This year? We've barely been below freezing, never been below zero, and it's been raining so far all New Year's Weekend.

Tipping point? Oh, we're tipped, baby. We're so tipped...