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bear by san

March 2017



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problem cat

brni is so hired. "Real art won't match your sofa."

I have just finished reading River of the World, desperance's book which is coming out in April. So I guess I have to count it as a 2006 book.

I should have saved the last page for tomorrow.

I'm not sure if this is the conclusion of the story, or if there's more--it comes to a satisfying hesitation point, anyway. But man, this is a heck of a book. I mean, first off there's Chaz's prose, which is lucent, measured, occasionally breath-taking. His sense of characterization is like a high-wire artist's sense of balance--sure and agile, eloquent, to all appearances utterly fearless. And his plotting is completely ruthlessless.

This is the good stuff.



Happy New Year, when it gets to that.

I picked up Carnival Friday, and had it read by yesterday night. Very chewy, very tasty. Are they bad men who do good things, or good men who do bad things, or are they just people, trying to cope with the world the way it is?

However, it did solidify a thought I have had developing about Blood and Iron this past week or so. If we lift the weight on the rubber sheet imagery Pratchett liberated from the physicists, if human relationships are a rubber sheet that make up the universe, then power provides the weights that stretch and distort the rubber sheet; of course, if power is the rubber sheet that makes up the universe, then human relationships are the weights that distort the rubber sheet. I won't say that there are people who always see the rubber sheet of the universe* as power, or as human relationships, because I think that's a very mutable thing for a good many people, but the one always pulls the other out of shape, despite whatever is done to stop that from happening.

Of course, other stuff happens in both these books; it's not all rubber sheets**, after all.

I do really need House to come and take care of my domestic dilemmas. I'm not sure it would be worth the complications, though.

*The Rubber Sheet of the Universe is either the name of a very transitory band, an album name from one of the more stoned groups of the early 1970s, or a very strange magical quest item of the sort that The Tough Guide to Fantasyland nails up to the wall with big sharp spikes of ridicule.

**Note to Googlers: Not that sort of rubber sheet. Get over it and go someplace else.
That's a fantastic image. And what you have there describes very neatly, I think, the way mrissa says she writes: she said once that she writes and senses the relationships and everything else--character, plot, etc--emerge from the interstices.

As for Vincent and Angelo... I think they're people, trying to leave the world better than they found it. And sometimes at a loss for how to get there.
Well, the power/relationship intersection or collision or whatever is one reliable way to get your heaping helping of Fraught,however you came up with the conjunction.

Well, in some ways, may relationships are about a power struggle. Whether it's a struggle to share power, or negotiate it, or whatever....